\Huge \TeX ability

%\large This is not ``\TeX\ call to power''

\TeX ability is a site dedicated to exposing the esthetics and simplicity
of \TeX\  and \LaTeX\  documents.
Contributions in the form of short \TeX\  or \LaTeX\  documents
are welcome. The ideal contribution:

\item produces a beautiful, single page document
\item uses only a standard installation of \TeX\  or \LaTeX\  and
eventually inputs widely available style files, 
for example already published on a web site and preferably in CTAN
\item is sent to the address below, preferably together
with a compressed postscript and a compressed pdf result
attached to the message
\item is accompanied by a textual description, not much longer
than 50 words
\item is also accompanied by the name of the author (and copyright
holder) and by an URL to which this name will be linked on the site
\item must not include external artwork (for example image or graphics

Contributions are supposed to show what a \TeX nician has to type
in order to obtain a beautiful document, and implicitely how high productivity
recompensates the effort invested in becoming a \TeX nician.

Advanced examples of highly esoteric typesetting works are welcome
as much as examples of how simple and wonderful results can be
obtained in a straightforward manner.

Contributions are wanted in particular in the following areas:

\item Nice, complex or interesting math formul\ae;
\item Nice looking tables;
\item Examples of typesetting paragraphs or pages which are normally
found in high quality books (but could not be obtained with, say,
a popular word processor);
\item Examples of typesetting in any of the languages in which \TeX\  can
typeset, alife or dead, real or imaginary;
\item Examples of notations such as chemical formul\ae\ and reactions,
music or game descriptions and diagrams;
\item Nice announcements, invitations, front pages, labels or formulaires;
\item One page lists of formulae and tricks of progressive complexity
for learning by example;

Any other show of \TeX\ will be welcomed, of course.

For example this page is a typical (albeit simple) example of a submission.
It demonstrates the strighforward use of the \LaTeX\ ``article'' style.

Please send your contributions to {\tt texability@corlan.net}