\advance\hoffset by 1.5in \hsize=194pt\hfuzz=10pt
\advance\voffset by 2.5in

\parshape 16 84pt 26pt 49pt 96pt 32pt 130pt 18pt 152pt 13pt 168pt
7pt 180pt 3pt 188pt 1pt 192pt 1pt 192pt 3pt 188pt 7pt 180pt 13pt 168pt
18pt 152pt 32pt 130pt 49pt 96pt 84pt 26pt
\noindent If you are a \TeX\ user, you already saw the point of all this.
If you are not a \TeX\ user yet, then follow the steps:
(1) Choose one of the example pages on this site. (2) Print it. (3) Start
your favourite word processor. (4) Try to reproduce the printed page;
this is possible for some of the examples with most word processors.
(5) Print the page remade with your word processor. (6) Put the printed
pages side by side and compare them. 
(7) If you don't see the point, choose another example and go back
to step 2.